Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust

Looking for assistance in launching or growing your Caribbean business? Consider the services of Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET).

With a stated mission to “facilitate the generation of business ideas and the promotion of business success in order to stimulate and sustain rapid global niche market growth for Small State economies”, CBET fosters partnership with its clients and offers a wide range of supporting services from Business Plan Development and Implementation to Quick Response Seed and Venture Capital Funding.

Visit: Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust for more information.

The CBET website was designed and developed by Axses Web Communications, a Barbados website design and development company with special focus on the travel and tourism industry.

Features of the site include the following Axses-developed products:

  • search engine friendly Content Management System
  • Mailing List module
  • News module, complete with RSS feeds
  • Document management module
  • Site-wide Verity search (ColdFusion)
  • Search engine site map

Codrington Language Centre, Barbados

One of two websites we launched this week is

Codrington Language Centre is located in the Caribbean island of Barbados and offers the opportunity to learn english as a foreign language.

The School follows the  International Baccalaureate Organization’s (IBO) philosophy and methodology of teaching and learning. A variety of programmes is available to overseas children and adults who are seeking to improve their English language skills or to learn English.

Excursions such as safari tours, gully hikes, heritage and zoo tours are an important part of the programme and are tailored to age groups.

If you wish to learn English in the Caribbean, visit the website.

ColdFusion date and Atom 1.0 feed

To set the date in ColdFusion in the ISO-8601 format (e.g. 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00) use the following:

<cfset var updatedDate = dateFormat(now(), “yyyy-mm-dd”) & “T” & timeFormat(now(), “HH:mm:ss”) & “Z” />

Of course you could turn that into a nice little UDF or utility function 🙂

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a process of laying out and then organizing ideas.

I find it useful for organizing high level ideas and then switch to a Feature Driven Development (FDD) method for greater refining and time estimating.

Others find it useful in collaborative environments (such as meetings) where a lot of creative thinking is taking place.

I just found an interesting site that for creating and saving mind maps online –

For those who prefer more traditional desktop software try

lyra captcha error – Element CAPTCHA is undefined in a Java object of type class [Ljava.lang.String

I was getting this annoying error when setting up lyra captcha (great product by the way!).

Element CAPTCHA is undefined in a Java object of type class [Ljava.lang.String

Well after a little silent swearing and a few deep breaths, I figured it out.

In the captcha folder there is an application.cfm file – edit this making the application name the same as your general application name (defined in application.cfc or application.cfm).

Bookmarks – Macs, PC, Browsers, aaaaahhh!!

Been trying to setup a “Bookmark This Page” link for a client. Sounds simple right?

Well of course this client is using Safari on Mac and the usual javascript I use in cases like this doesn’t work in Safari on Mac (or Safari on Windows for that matter).

Thought about writing my own script to do this but frankly it’s just not worth it.
So I found – not the best solution in the world but it works consistently across browsers and OS, so I think we’ll go with this one.

I do wish it would add the bookmark properly for Firefox, but from the clients stats that’s the least used browser by their visitors so its a concession I’ll make.

Talk about “the devil is in the details”!

Alt attribute vs Title attribute

The alt attribute should be used to display alternative (hence alt) text in the event that an image is not loaded. This might be due to a missing image, browser settings or the browsing interface.

IE uses the information in the alt attribute to display the “tooltip” that hovers when you mouseover an image.

This is not the correct implementation of this attribute.

The title attribute should be used for the “tooltip” purpose.

Firefox correctly interprets the title attribute, using that information for the tooltip.

So remember to include both the alt and title attributes when coding – but please don’t abuse them for SEO purposes!!